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To see Arcade Fire in June or to not see Arcade fire in June?


Thunder Cloud at 2am

f/22 @ 10 or so seconds

mamiya 645



Blood Orange - "It Is What It Is"

I know we’re supposed to be in the thick of winter - the polar vortexes and Sochi problems dominating headlines can readily attest to that - but man am I missing my warm weather music; when it “snowed" here in Tallahassee a few weeks ago I blasted Cayucas all day hoping I could trick myself into feeling a little more tropical. Now temperatures are back to normal (i.e. erratic as all hell, typical Florida) and I still find myself pining for something a little warmer. Songs like this always resonate with me around this time of year; little pieces of melancholy tinged with optimism, marimbas softening the starkness. If you’re a fan of any of Dev Hynes' work check out last year's Cupid Deluxe; hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do, but if not, that’s cool too. It is what it is.

- Callie


just girly things: pretending to be on the phone when you walk by a large group of men because there’s a chance they’ll harass you <333

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Late night Nick Cave is the best thing.